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Summer Training for ECE Students

Skyphi Technologies is offering a wide variety of industry-specific and job-oriented courses for Electronics and Communication Students students in the fields of Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web development, Embedded System, VLSI Design and Robotics Design. This will be a 100% practical training. ECE students can get Minor/Major Engineering Projects, ready-made projects are available, components & equipment also available at reasonable cost. All types of Electronics Projects for Engineering Students are available at Skyphi Technologies Jaipur.

We provide Summer Training in Jaipur with the best infrastructure and most up to date training materials. We have certified trainers having 6-12 years of industry experience in the fields of Software Development & Embedded System Design. Our goal is to provide high quality Summer Industrial Training to the students and connects them with the latest technologies.

Software Courses: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, .Net, Java, Php/MySql, Oracle, C/C++.
Hardware Courses: Embedded System, Robotics Design, VLSI Design.
Eligibility: B.E / B.Tech / M.E. / M.Tech and others.

Our Summer Training in Jaipur program will gives you in-depth knowledge and offers you full learning and understanding of the topics in a highly interactive manner.

Java Training in Jaipur

Java Training

Java training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on Java programming. Training includes from very basic program to Multithreading, Applets, SWT, Swings, OOP.

.Net Training in Jaipur

.Net Training

.Net training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on .Net technologies. Training includes learning from very basic program to system registry, system api programming.

Embedded Systems Training in Jaipur

Embedded Systems

Embedded System training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on Sensor interfacing, Microcontroller, Circuit designing, Electronics, C, ATmega8/16.

Android Training in Jaipur

Android Training

Android application development training program includes learning of complete Android Architecture, Android-SDK, Programming for Mobile & Tablet Phone on multiple emulators & devices.

PHP Training in Jaipur

PHP Training

Php is a server-side scripting language. Php training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on php, mysql, html, JavaScript, web designing and Dreamweaver etc.

Robotics Training in Jaipur

Robotics Training

This training includes learning & designing of following types of robots: Line Follower, Edge Avoider, Obstacle Avoider, Wall Follower, Sound Operated, GSM Robot. Also learn about Sensors.

Ethical Hacking Training in Jaipur

Ethical Hacking Training

Ethical Hacking training experience on latest tool & technologies. Including Laws, Keyloggers, Spam, Viurse, Trozen, Scanning, Firewall, Proxy, Sniffers, DOS Attatcks, SQL Injection.

Oracle Training in Jaipur

Oracle Training

Oracle training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on Oracle DBMS. Training includes learning from DBMS, Sql Query, Views, Nested Queries, DML, DDL, 9i, 10g, 11g.

VLSI Training in Jaipur

VLSI Training

This training program includes all latest advanced tools & techonologies & learn FPGA programming for designing internal architecture of IC. Training program gives you a way to create you own IC.

Linux Training in Jaipur

Linux Training

Linux training program includes learning of Linux installation, File System, Install, Uninstall Software, Remote Login, Kernel, Partitions, Backup & Recovery, Shell programming etc.

iPhone Training in Jaipur

iPhone Training

iPhone application development training program includes learning of Cocoa framework, OOP, MAC OS X, Apps development programming, XCode, Objective-C with iOS-SDK.

MATLAB Training in Jaipur

MATLAB Training

Matlab training includes learning of core language and toolboxes. Training includes IDE, M-Files, 2D/3D Plotting, Matrices, Animation, GUI Designing, Data Classes, Structure, Image Processing.