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Minor/Major Projects for Engineering Students

Skyphi Technologies is a Renowned Training and Development Organization in the field of Software and Embedded System, well known for providing Electronics Minor and Major Projects for Engineering Students. We are dealing in Engineering and MCA Major/Minor Projects and helping students to complete their projects.

Skyphi Technologies is a Helping Desk for all types of Electronics Engg. Projects, ready-made projects are available, components & equipment also available at reasonable cost. Some of our Major, Minor Projects listing is available below.

Major Projects:
4-Legged Robot
Remote Surveillance Vehicle
Temperature Sensor Interfacing
RF (Wireless) Module Interfacing
Bluetooth Operated Robot
Device Controlling by Bluetooth
Object Counter using IR sensor
Data Transfer Using UART
Password Protected Door Lock
Microcontroller Based Calculator
Industrial Automation Using Cellphone
Home Security System
Temperature controlled Fan
Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter
Laser Based Automatic Visitor Counter cum Room Light Controller
SD Card Interfacing With Microcontroller
Wireless Robot with RF control
Microcontroller based Wireless Robot with RF control
Wireless Spy Robot with Video Transmission
PS2 Keyboard interfacing with Microcontroller
Wireless text transmission using UART and RF module
AC appliance control by Relay and Microcontroller
AC appliance control by Bluetooth Mobile
Football Playing Wired Robot
Football Playing Wireless Robot
Servo Based Six Legged Hexapod
Robotic ARM
SMS based Security System
Robot controlling using PC/Laptop using wireless RF module

Minor Projects:
Line Follower Robot
Edge Avoider Robot
Obstacle Avoider Robot
Wall Follower Robot
Sound Operated Robot
GSM Robot
Light Searching Robot
Swarm Robot
Seven Segment Interfacing
16x2 LCD Interfacing
Infrared Sensor (IR) Interfacing
H-Bridge (L293D IC)
DC Motor Interfacing
Stepper Motor Interfacing
Keypad Interfacing
Sound Sensor Interfacing
Obstacle Avoider Robot
ADC Interfacing
DTMF Decoder Interfacing
Light Sensor Interfacing(IR/LDR)
Water Level Controller
Motion Sensor Based security system